i got an email that my tumblr is 5 years old.

with that, i’m gonna say goodbye.

i’m leaving my tumblr up, but i won’t be posting or checking my dash anymore.

moving on. it’s been real.


i might leave the internet very soon in all or most forms.

it’s too easy for me to treat this as a space where i can remain bitter or negative or in the past.

and when all i want to do is move forward, and my life seems to be prompting me to do so, maybe it’s me that’s holding myself back.

i fucking can’t today.

new lunch break record. i’m disgusting.

hag awards 2013

uhhhh when did my hair grow this much? and why does it switch its part when i straighten it? where am i?

it’s so fucking weird that he sits like this…

sorry bout the selfie but my hair is on POINT right now.

my baby. 🌙

my shelves are finally done.

@ashleypoi is grading papers. i’m so proud and disgusted.

god yes. kale, apple, strawberry, peach, pineapple, honeydew, banana, flax, chia. UNF.

outtakes from a shoot i did with my friend jonathan weiskopf a few months back.

i love finding lost film.

sweet sweet day drinking.